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Got a Distressed Home in Your Neighborhood?

Let us know and we will do our best to clean it up and improve your neighborhood!

Did you know the house that’s in disrepair in your neighborhood is negatively affecting your bottom line? Sure it’s ugly to look at, but it’s also robbing value from your home!  Not only that, nuisance and abandoned properties often attract crime and arson. Luckily, we can help turn that eyesore into an attractive home!

Cleaning up your neighborhood will not only make you feel safer but will improve your property’s value, too.

Our passion is to take these blighted properties and return them back to productivity. With comprehensive rehab and resell, we can effectively reduce crime, create jobs, build the tax base, grow property values, strengthen affordable housing, and transform the community. Together with city officials, we can make our city an attractive and valuable place to live and work again!

How Can We Improve Your Property’s Value?

For us to get started quickly, the items that are most helpful are the owner’s direct cell phone number, and the complete spelling of their first and last name. It’s also very helpful if you know the last or currently known mailing address and email address of the owner.  By far the most valuable, is setting them up with a phone call with us.

Who We Are

We are cleaning up neighborhoods by partnering with the city and neighbors like you. We fund both rehabs and ready-to-roll investment real estate.

Our principals have decades of experience understanding the effects of run-down properties on neighborhoods, property values, and lost tax revenue to communities nationwide. 

We are committed to fighting this scourge both in the greater area, and nationwide.

Help us help you. If you see a property that is negatively effecting the value of your home, is boarded up, run down, abandoned, or just needs to be brought up to the standards in your neighborhood, click on the button and fill out the form!

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Our partners have funded
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Why We Do It

Getting funding for investment properties — especially those run-down eyesores — is especially hard through conventional sources. That’s why we use Private Money. We look at the deal, and if the deal works, we work for you!

In , we are committed to creating safe, high-value neighborhoods by buying those zombie properties, rehabbing them to tip-top shape and creating a win-win situation for the neighborhood, the city and us.

Help us — turn in a ZOMBIE PROPERTY TODAY!